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For several decades, The Brazos Agency has booked local, regional, national, and internationally touring artists and attractions for universities, performing arts centers, concert venues, festivals, fairs, and showcase clubs, as well as private and corporate events in major US markets. We work closely with the national artist agencies that each represent a limited number of exclusive artists on their respective rosters. 


The Brazos Agency, however, is not limited to booking artists (i.e. bands and performers) from just one roster - our diverse range expands your choices and improves our ability to successfully negotiate more favorable artist agreements on your behalf.


Instead - by not being limited to an exclusive roster we will never try to "sell you" on any specific artist. We provide you with choices of available artists from many exclusive agency rosters or just as often, directly through the band or its management, which will help you objectively evaluate the artists prior to your making a more informed decision.

The value you receive from The Brazos Agency in booking national recording artists and celebrity entertainment is based on our experience and solid industry relationships. We will provide you with quantitative evidence that gives you an enhanced perspective of an artist's current ability to sell tickets or attract an audience.


Our knowledge of current market trends and prevailing artist fees will help you select just the right headline and support talent for your events and at just the right price!

Wedding Entertainment

Dazzling vocalists, adept musicianship, captivating choreography, sharp looks and superior stage presence equate to exceptional entertainment from The Brazos Agency! Our dance and event bands are trained in “The Art of the Party” and have your whole night covered! Having performed thousands of events, our bands have the experience to make yours memorable long after the party is over. From submitting just the right musical options that promise to complement the wedding ceremony or keep the dance floor packed at the reception, booking with The Brazos Agency means you can enjoy the special moments with your guests worry-free!

At your request, we will be happy to submit musicians and bands for your consideration based on their availability on your special day, and equally important the bands we submit will be priced within your stated budget. Because we have strong working relationships with hundreds of wedding bands across the state and country, we can not only save you money in the booking process but will also work on your behalf to ensure all the bases are covered and you are not paying for frivolous rider requirements or missing opportunities that could make all the difference between a good impression for your guests and an exceptionally memorable celebration for everyone!

Ceremony or Dinner Music

Regional and National Recording Artists 

For decades, The Brazos Agency has bought talent for festivals, fairs, concert venues, as well as corporate and private events. We can handle as much or as little of your event production needs as you require. Given our experience in buying talent and serving as an entertainment event planner, producer, or consultant we can significantly expand your list of potential entertainers for your event(s). We work with all of the exclusive agents or the artist's management to provide a wider range of entertainment choices for our clients to consider. In taking this approach, unlike other agencies, we do not try to persuade you to choose any one particular artist.  This diversified approach in working with any and all artists increases our ability to provide you with many more choices.  



Texas Country and Red Dirt music is a state of mind that has humble beginnings in Texas and Oklahoma. *Texas Country is a rapidly growing subgenre of American country music. It is known for fusing traditionalist root sounds (similar to current country) with the outspoken, care-free views of outlaw country. Texas Country blends these sub-genres by featuring a "take it or leave it" approach, a "common working man" theme, and witty undertones. These often combine with stripped-down music sound.  "Red Dirt" is often associated with Texas Country, but is its own genre entirely. Sounds from Texas and Oklahoma have influenced the scene of this particular genre, and it is most popular throughout Texas and parts of the Midwest.  The Brazos Agency has booked Nashville Country, Texas Country, Progressive Country, and Country Rock acts since the inception of these labels and can help guide you as to airplay, crowd attendance, and other indicators of an artist's current popularity and draw that will help you choose just the right act for our event(s).

Texas Country
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